Dennis Ritchie has passed away

The statement comes from Rob Pike, so I’m inclined to believe it.

If you’re a programmer and don’t know who Dennis Ritchie is, then you should have your programming license revoked permanently.

RIP, dmr. You will never be forgotten.


Another reason not to run DD-WRT

Embarrassing is an understatement.

Tomato users are not affected. No idea regarding HyperWRT or Thibor.

Sebastian Gottschall’s statement, “consider that this exploit was released without any report to us”, is a miserable attempt at taking responsibility for the mistake. I have personally reviewed the DD-WRT source many times while working with WRT* routers — and like Busybox, it’s all duct tape and Bondo. The same applies to HyperWRT, though most of the trashy code there comes from the base source which is the responsibility of Linksys and their third-party vendor.

With regards to DD-WRT, I really don’t care if the exploit was released without any prior report — consider doing security audits of your own code, and stop allowing patches with hacked-up solutions. Instead, stop and think about the change in its entirety before committing.