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Personal details

A somewhat-picky 30-something UNIX systems and network administrator living in Silicon Valley but lacks the “Bay Area mentality”.

I have a tendency to be quite thorough when it comes to the information I provide, and I’m almost always technical — that is to say, you won’t find me involving myself with politics or “managerial” schmooze-ish stuff; only the facts here. Real problems, real solutions, with verbose explanations.

If you hoped for something more personal, here you go:

  • I’m single; the last exclusive relationship I had was in 2000
  • I don’t have kids (and generally loathe the idea for a multitude of reasons)
  • I don’t drive a car (by choice) — I bike (as in bicycle)
  • I absolutely love the NES/Famicom
  • I studied Mandarin Chinese for 5 years and presently study Korean on my own (and occasionally Japanese)
  • I’m American but spell (and for some words, pronounce) British most of the time
  • I’m technophobic to some degree, despite what I do for a living
  • I’m an introvert but am often mistaken for an extrovert
  • I’ve had IBS since 2000, which makes life extremely difficult
  • Most of my friends aren’t in California, or even the United States
  • I’m honest 98% of the time and will always speak my mind (known at previous jobs for often “stirring up the ants”)
  • I don’t vote (by choice)
  • I curse like a drunken sailor (I suppose this is an American trait)
  • I love all things Lovecraftian
  • I’m addicted to GameCenter CX and Eat Your Kimchi
  • I don’t believe in material gain/wealth, the stock market, or politics
  • I want to strangle people who don’t know the difference between loose/lose, you’re/your, there/their/they’re, affect/effect, how apostrophes work, how to properly use begs the question, or who say “for all intensive purposes”
  • I hope one day I say something so profound that it impacts someone’s life (positively) forever

Regarding my blog posts

I politely ask that you do not contact me over any of the information provided in my blog posts. I have received hundreds of Emails (when my Email address was visible) from random Internet users wanting all sorts of things — some want more information, some want to fight/debate/argue, some want me to edit/update my posts with “things that solved the issue for them”, and some want general technical support/assistance.

It’s important to understand that the information I provide here is done on my own time and by me. They are based on my own experiences, almost always with coherent and justified evidence/information. However, even more importantly, there are many reasons comments are disabled on my blog. Simple version: my blog is not a forum. My blog is a one-way communication outlet. (Keyword: one-way)

If your issue is with a commercial product, contact your vendor or the manufacturer of the product and provide them with feedback and/or ask for assistance from them — that is what they’re there for. The more people who inform vendors about problems with their product, or solutions that can be used with their product, (ideally) the better the product can become. Tell the vendor/manufacturer, not me!

Regarding the header/title image used on my blog

My blog’s header image (photo) was taken by Sad-Fantasy over at deviantART.