Finding Eat Your Kimchi’s studio on Google Maps

For some time now I’ve been trying to narrow down where the EYK studio was on Google Maps. Fan mail is still going to their old location in Bucheon, but if you follow them on Youtube/Twitter you’ll know they relocated to Hongdae late last year.

So today I spent some time poking about trying to narrow down where things were located. It took a lot of piecing together different images/photos from random nasties around the web and getting familiar with a small area of Hongdae (I cannot tell you how many times I got lost, digitally speaking), but in the end was successful. I used Coffine Gurunaru‘s Hongdae location as a main data point, in combination with the nb2 nightclub, which got me…

Their latitude and longitude location is roughly 37.551 degrees north, 126.923 degrees west.

The Google street view photos were taken November 2009 (as of this writing) — nearly 4 years ago — so you’re not going to see the EYK logo on the side of the building; Coffine Gurunaru (downstairs from them) didn’t exist then either. But nb2 was across the street, along with the stairway leading up to the 2nd story, leading to a place called “Woody”. “Why are u hesitating? Make fun with Woody!” — I bet Simon/Martina are gonna love that. Ooooh, you so naaaaasty! And the place downstairs from them used to be a sort of Zodiac-esque reading and Tarot card shop.