Tonight I decided to do something nostalgic (more than the usual) — try to find all the places I’ve lived at over the years, or at least the ones I can remember. There are some I can remember but can’t find (such as when I briefly lived in the graduate dorms at Stanford), thus decided not to list them.

It’s pretty miraculous that after all these years I can still remember (and find!) the places I’ve lived. Most of them I didn’t have addresses for; I simply remembered where things were. Makes me wonder how much of my brain is used just for all that.

I feel bad for not being able to find the exact location in San Mateo where I lived. Sadly the location was so generic that I can’t remember any landmarks. I even checked old resumes and rental applications, but nothing goes back that far (1998!). Bummer.

Searching for all these places brought back a lot of memories, especially about ex-girlfriends. I’m still friends with most of my roommates and all, but I don’t tend to keep in touch with past partners. So lots of memories, old emotions, things like that surfaced during all of this; some good, some bad.