SCFH DSF now open-source

As of 2011/04/29, the SCFH DSF software has been made open-source and is available via github:

The translated bullet items on the above page (as of 2011/04/29) read as follows, acting as a “to-do” list:

* Reorganise source code
* Fix audio/video de-sync issue pertaining to timing/timers
* Fix incompatibility with Skype
* Re-write in-line assembler code to work on x64/64-bit OSes
* Fix stencil buffer processing (currently lost when using software resizing, as a result of optimisation)
* Reduce OS/environment load when capturing via DWM (can be managed via (see main page for .zip file))
* Recreate the GUI entirely
* Make the GUI simpler to use

The actual github URL is here:

I hope this will provide much evolution and, eventually, better support for Windows 7. For now, this guy is sticking with XP… :-)