Amazon outage — no it’s not you

I’ve been trying to order some networking and rack-related equipment on Amazon for the past, oh, 4 hours. The behaviour of their site varies; sometimes bizarre “HTTP/1.1 Service Unavailable” errors (coming from either their servers or load balancers, not the browser!), but most of the time the site loads yet you can’t get any product information when clicking on a product. Their “product overview” pages usually show a price, but no product description or title. Colleagues of mine are seeing the same thing.

Here are some others reporting the same thing:

Amazon’s official outage policy page shows little other than… a picture of a random dog. No I’m not kidding:

Wow, how professional.

There’s nothing mentioned on Amazon’s home page at this time, nor their @Amazon Twitter account. The closest thing to an official announcement is a single thread on their Seller forum:

I’m a little surprised at the duration — Amazon usually has stuff like this fixed pretty quickly, so I’m wondering if someone rolled out some content/code changes in the middle of the day and they can’t roll back. Speculation on my part, but hey, wouldn’t be the first time. Here’s to hoping Slashdot gets wind of the outage!

EDIT: As of 18:02 PDT, the problem appears fixed.