Dreams, 2010/06/13

I was at some sort of Nintendo convention, except the entire convention was being held within the old technical support room at Best Internet. Two announcers stated “a quiz” would begin shortly. I moved up to where the announcers were (standing next to a large TV), and they proceeded to ask the crowd a series of completely bizarre questions that had nothing to do with video games or Nintendo products. Not a single person answered since the questions were so bizarre.

I decided to leave nearing the end of said “quiz”; my bike was leaned up against a wall of the convention (no idea how I got it in there). When I went to move it, I noticed the support rails for the rear saddlebags were loose and needed to be re-tightened (I don’t have saddlebags on my bike).

I hauled everything into the room across the hall, which was the equivalent of a bicycle store except there wasn’t a clerk’s counter or service area. I went looking for a ratchet, and a few minutes passed by… during which time someone had “stolen” my seat and a large piece of foam used to secure the saddle post (I have no idea what this is about).

After briefly skimming the area to see if there was any sign of the post or the foam, I became discouraged and highly irritated, yelling “FUCK IT!!!”, and proceeding smash the frame of my bike repetitively into a large concrete support beam until it was completely bent in half.

It was then that I noticed the large piece of foam was sitting at the base of the support beam, and about 20 feet away, the saddle post. Then from out of no where, a clerk’s counter and service area appeared, with some guy looking at me like I was crazy and talking to the police.