FreeBSD and ZFS — is it truly stable?

There’s an “age old question” that has been floating around with regards to ZFS on FreeBSD — is it stable? “Stable” in this case means: do I risk losing my data, will it cause kernel panics or other oddities, and do I need to tune it?

The answer, still, may be yes.

I’ve taken the initiative — that is to say, get an official response to these type of questions, specifically with regards to kernel panics. I’m incredibly surprised no one — not even the user community — has responded at this point. It’s not a trick question either; FreeBSD users really do need an answer to this.

People are continually comparing FreeBSD’s ZFS to that of Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris’ ZFS. Given that my day job involves heavy use of Solaris 10 on massive numbers of servers across the United States, I can safely say without a doubt ZFS on Solaris behaves better and won’t crash your system due to kernel memory exhaustion.