FreeBSD and ZFS — NFS bug fixed on RELENG_7 amd64

I just saw this commit come through for RELENG_7:

 Edit src/sys/nfsserver/nfs_serv.c
  Add delta 2009. avg

The CVS commit log indicates this fixes a bug where NFS is being used on ZFS v13 exported filesystems, and the system mounting the NFS share attempts to open(2) with flags O_CREAT and O_EXCL set. The file is created — 0 bytes in size, with mode 0000 — yet the operation returns EIO. This is pretty major:

I also enjoyed reading PR 135412 for this bug, where some developers made some amazing statements (my favourite being “use UFS2 instead of ZFS, use cp/rm instead of mv, don’t use NFS”). This further validates my concern that there isn’t enough QA being done prior to code being committed to the STABLE branches. I guess no one tested ZFS v13 filesystems being exported via NFS prior to the v13 commit?

Believe me, I’m thankful that ZFS v13 is now part of STABLE — sincerely I am — but my concern isn’t limited to ZFS: it applies to FreeBSD as a whole.