ZFS support in loader(8) being continually added/removed

FreeBSD users should be aware of the massive rash of commits which have occurred over the past few weeks with regards to LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT functionality. This functionality has been added, removed, tinkered with, re-added, removed, etc. numerous times. Proof is provided below. As of this writing, LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT has been disabled entirely. Please see this commit:

This affects both i386 and amd64, despite the pathname implying otherwise.

FreeBSD users should be outraged by this, and be questioning why said changes are not being fully tested before being committed. I’ll use this opportunity as confirmation of further proof that all administrators should be paying VERY close attention to commits to src-all in RELEASE and STABLE branches.

I consider this evidence further justification for keeping one’s root filesystem as UFS.