Google search engine claiming all sites harmful

It looks like Google is seriously broken, all across the board. This began on 2009/01/31, sometime between 0600 PST and 0640 PST.

All search results on Google are returning “This site may harm your computer”. Every search result from points you to their interstitial URL redirector, e.g.:

Clearing one’s DNS cache does not fix this problem. I’ve verified its not my own connection either, by using lynx and telnet from co-located servers across the United States. This is indeed a Google problem.

I’m not the only one who’s reported this. Slashdot also reported it, as did the DSLR folks (and here as well).

I’ll be interested to see what the media makes of this, because this is a pretty severe outage.

EDIT: The outage appears over as of approximately 0710 PST. An hour to mitigate is pretty quick, but an hour of search results broken… ouch.