European English realm list

What a morning! First my ISP decided to do some form of maintenance which took 3+ hours, and now Quel’Thalas is down (easily confirmed by trying to connect to on TCP port 3724 — no answer), despite what the Realm Status page says. Or, well, it was down — and it wasn’t just me who noticed, either…

This, along with a post from a Blizzard rep. about server location, got me wondering: what exactly are the IPs of the servers, and where are they geographically situated? Well that’s somewhat of a pain to figure out… but I bust out Wireshark this morning, spent some time analysing packets, and then hand-editing the results to get server names, their IPs and TCP port numbers, and where they’re located geographically.

Keep in mind these IPs could change at any time. The locations I figured out on my own, except for the Hamburg servers, which could also be in Stockholm (see WoWWiki for what I mean).

Realm               IP and TCP port         Location
------------------- -------------------     -------------------
Aerie Peak     Hamburg, Germany
Agamaggan       Paris, France
Aggramar        Paris, France
Ahn'Qiraj       Paris, France
Al'Akir         Paris, France
Alonsus         Paris, France
Anachronos     Paris, France
Arathor         Paris, France
Argent Dawn      Paris, France
Aszune          Paris, France
Auchindoun       Dusseldorf, Germany
Azjol-Nerub      Paris, France
Azuremyst       Paris, France
Balnazzar       Frankfurt, Germany
Blade's Edge      Paris, France
Bladefist       Paris, France
Bloodfeather      Frankfurt, Germany
Bloodhoof       Paris, France
Bloodscalp      Paris, France
Boulderfist     Hamburg, Germany
Bronze Dragonflight     Paris, France
Bronzebeard      Paris, France
Burning Blade      Paris, France
Burning Legion      Paris, France
Burning Steppes      Paris, France
Chamber of Aspects     Hamburg, Germany
Chromaggus      Paris, France
Crushridge      Paris, France
Daggerspine      Paris, France
Darkmoon Faire      Paris, France
Darksorrow      Frankfurt, Germany
Darkspear      Paris, France
Deathwing       Paris, France
Defias Brotherhood     Frankfurt, Germany
Dentarg         Paris, France
Doomhammer      Paris, France
Draenor         Paris, France
Dragonblight      Paris, France
Dragonmaw       Paris, France
Drak'thul       Paris, France
Dunemaul        Paris, France
Earthen Ring      Frankfurt, Germany
Emerald Dream      Paris, France
Emeriss          Paris, France
Eonar          Hamburg, Germany
Executus        Paris, France
Frostmane      Hamburg, Germany
Frostwhisper      Frankfurt, Germany
Genjuros        Frankfurt, Germany
Ghostlands        Dusseldorf, Germany
Grim Batol     Hamburg, Germany
Hakkar           Paris, France
Haomarush       Frankfurt, Germany
Hellfire          Dusseldorf, Germany
Hellscream      Frankfurt, Germany
Jaedenar       Hamburg, Germany
Karazhan          Dusseldorf, Germany
Kazzak         Hamburg, Germany
Khadgar         Paris, France
Kilrogg        Hamburg, Germany
Kor'gall       Paris, France
Kul Tiras       Paris, France
Laughing Skull      Frankfurt, Germany
Lightbringer      Paris, France
Lightning's Blade      Frankfurt, Germany
Magtheridon      Frankfurt, Germany
Mazrigos        Paris, France
Moonglade       Paris, France
Nagrand           Dusseldorf, Germany
Neptulon        Frankfurt, Germany
Nordrassil      Frankfurt, Germany
Outland        Hamburg, Germany
Quel'Thalas      Frankfurt, Germany
Ragnaros        Frankfurt, Germany
Ravencrest      Frankfurt, Germany
Ravenholdt    Hamburg, Germany
Runetotem       Frankfurt, Germany
Saurfang       Hamburg, Germany
Scarshield Legion      Paris, France
Shadowsong      Frankfurt, Germany
Shattered Halls        Dusseldorf, Germany
Shattered Hand      Frankfurt, Germany
Silvermoon      Frankfurt, Germany
Skullcrusher      Frankfurt, Germany
Spinebreaker      Frankfurt, Germany
Sporeggar         Dusseldorf, Germany
Steamwheedle Cartel      Paris, France
Stormrage       Frankfurt, Germany
Stormreaver      Frankfurt, Germany
Stormscale      Frankfurt, Germany
Sunstrider      Paris, France
Sylvanas        Frankfurt, Germany
Talnivarr       Paris, France
Tarren Mill     Hamburg, Germany
Terenas         Frankfurt, Germany
Terokkar        Paris, France
The Maelstrom     Frankfurt, Germany
The Sha'tar        Dusseldorf, Germany
The Venture Co.      Frankfurt, Germany
Thunderhorn      Frankfurt, Germany
Trollbane       Paris, France
Turalyon        Frankfurt, Germany
Twilight's Hammer      Paris, France
Twisting Nether      Frankfurt, Germany
Vashj           Frankfurt, Germany
Vek'nilash     Hamburg, Germany
Wildhammer     Hamburg, Germany
Xavius          Paris, France
Zenedar         Paris, France
------------------- -------------------     -------------------

And here’s the network/peering provider associated with each location. As you can tell, Blizzard definitely has some ties with TeliaSonera:

Location               Carrier/Provider
---------------------  ----------------
Paris, France          TeliaSonera
Frankfurt, Germany     TeliaSonera (packets commonly go through Paris)
Dusseldorf, Germany    Level3
Hamburg, Germany       TeliaSonera
---------------------  ----------------

I’d be interested to know if there are any people on the Dusseldorf servers which are experiencing the latency/lag problem the rest of us experience, since Telia (at least for me) isn’t involved in the network path at all — purely Level3 all the way.

Also, there’s an absurd amount of focus on Paris in general. I’m willing to bet Paris network congestion is the cause for many of the latency/lag problems as of late, especially now that I can see just how many servers are at that POP…