Increased network latency to Europe servers — part 3

Folks in the Netherlands apparently lost all connectivity to all European Realms on the 29th, supposedly due to a fibre cut somewhere. The following LeaseWeb item documents the problem:

The official WoW Forum thread for the issue is quite long (presently 16 pages), and the last few pages are continued indication that the issue is more widespread than just the Netherlands:

A fibre cut could indeed explain general oversaturation of a router or network interface, resulting in packet loss and high latency.

Also, I see that the US Realms experienced what were labelled “rolling restarts” yesterday. I logged on to WoW tonight to see the message “Server shutdown in 13:00”. Nothing on the “Breaking News” page indicated the European Realms were undergoing rolling restarts — but Blizzard’s Realm Status page had the following to say:

30/01 Rolling restarts

There will be rolling restarts of all realms to apply hotfixes, starting at approximately 05:00, Paris time (CET). Each realm will receive a 15 minute notice prior to being restarted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Equally as interesting: if they’re being restarted, why does the message say server shutdown and not restart like usual? This makes me think they’re actually fixing something server-side (server/daemon software update).