Anxiety and stomach adventures — day 2

Since my previous update, a few things have transpired. I’ve been keeping a verbose diary on paper, like I promised I would, so that when I meet up with my doctor early next week (I hope), I can provide some detailed feedback.

1155 – Took bath (not shower)
1215 – Done with bath
1236 – Still feeling hungry, and jaw is somewhat tight (happens when I feel like I’m going to vomit), yet have no real desire to vomit, nor feeling sick. Strange
1312 – Took Xanax (0.25mg) + 2 Saltines
1337 – Sudden anxiety for no reason – very weird. Hunger-induced?
1400 – Decide to go out, try to get fresh air, and get some actual food. Appetite seems to be returning? Met up with Korean friends who were painting some partitions in their restaurant, helped for about an hour
1500 – Obtained food: Carls Jr. crispy bacon swiss sandwich (ed.: I realise now I probably shouldn’t have had the cheese and bacon)
1520 – Arrive home, start eating, drinking water
1600 – Finish eating. Stomach churned a bit during eating, but nothing out of the ordinary there
1638 – Stomach and intestinal tract churning a lot; audible. Occasional anxiety, but usually short in duration. Occasional gas
1639 – Urinated, short duration
1642 – Lots of burping, digestive tract feels uncomfortable. Took 15mL of Pepto Bismol
1704 – Burping continues, stomach still feeling horrible. Going to try laying down
1724 – Laying down doesn’t help much. Put clothes away to keep busy/active. Going to try laying down in living room, where room temperature is lower. Burping still prevalent
1808 – Still not able to sleep. Mind seems at rest (no anxiety), but body isn’t ready. Digestive tract seems better. Being in living room helping somehow?
1814 – Checked temperature just to see if anything was out of the ordinary: 97.9F. Back to living room
1840 – Feeling okay, but also sort of weird. Lots of ideas going through head. Wish had someone here so I wouldn’t feel so alone. No depression, just lonely and odd. Talking to friends on phone helps, but everyone seems busy. Wish I could sleep, even if for 1 hour only. Keep thinking about going over to friend’s house, but worry I might feel uncomfortable there or overwhelmed with stimuli (TV, their kid, etc.). Very thankful I have no upstairs neighbours right now
1855 – Yawning a lot, going to try laying down again in living room
2155 – Woke up, feel alright. Sleep was good, even had dreams. Back to sleep

0105 – Woke up again, feel alright. Stomach making some digestive noises and feels strange. Going to take Zantac and Priolosec
0115 – Took above meds, water, and some Saltines

And that is where I stand now.

The burping thing seems to support the conclusion the Urgent Care doctor had, but I mean, Carls Jr. isn’t exactly the best thing to be eating in the first place, so I’m really not surprised it didn’t sit well with me (very few things there do these days). My original plan was to get some tuna rolls from my Korean friends’ restaurant, but all their food was frozen. :-)

One thing I am worrying about is work. I have to work 2300-0700 all next week, and it’s just a 2-man shift due to people being on vacation. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to cut it, or if I’m even ready to go back. I feel like I should get this problem straightened away before I return. The timing of this whole thing couldn’t be worse, and the more I dwell on that, the more anxious I get, so I try not to. I’ll probably have to discuss things with my boss Sunday morning, meaning he might have to fill in for me next week as well. Hell, I’m pretty sure I lack the accrued sick time for this kind of thing, might have to use vacation time (which I have plenty of).

Oh well, I’ll just have to see how it all works out. Time for more sleep, I think… if I can sleep.