No longer with the FreeBSD Project

I am no longer participating in the FreeBSD Project.

This morning I officially turned in my ports committer access, reassigned all of my maintained ports to, and requested that my freefall account be removed.  I am no longer receiving mail for  Along the same lines, my bsdhwmon project has also been terminated (but for the time being I’ll keep the site up).

It was an interesting 10 years.  Best of luck to the FreeBSD folks.


10 thoughts on “No longer with the FreeBSD Project

  1. Very sorry to hear. Your contributions and especially your mailing list support were much appreciated!

    And let me take this occasion to thank you for your excellent pxeboot/serial install article, it has been very useful to me.

  2. I hope you’ll reconsider, and if not, at least let me know what problems I should try to address.

  3. Sorry to see you go. You helped a lot of people on the mailing lists. You convinced me to convert from MatrixRAID to gmirror for example. :)

  4. Hello mate,

    I just saw this sad news and I cannot understand how suddenly this could come and go :(. I really hope that we might be able to talk this over and see what is going on. I know that you have done a great job in investigating things and trying to resolve them. We (As a project) are not always capable of resolving them, which I hope that didn’t piss you off.

    In case this isn’t temporary: Please accept my big thanks for all the work you did for the Project! if I did something to get you this far; I apologize.

    Best regards,

  5. Hey koitsu,

    Just heard of this on #bsdports, sorry to hear that you’re leaving the project :-( I’m still hoping you might reconsider this decision – if not, I’d just like to chime in with a huge thank you for you for all the great things you have done for the FreeBSD Project during the last decade.

  6. As someone with a bevy of Supermicros, I’ve benefitted greatly from your work and support over the years. I’ve also always admired your diplomacy and sheer energy over the years.

    The FreeBSD project is lessened by your departure.

  7. Sorry to hear that, you did tremendous amount of work answering on mailing lists.
    Once I thought how come one can answer so fast and give good suggestions and solutions.
    We definitely need people like you. I hope you will reconsider your decision and come back to FreeBSD community.

    By the way, just saw this thread on hackers, I hope this is not the reason your leaving.

  8. Sorry to hear that, friend. Hopefully, that will resolve successfully.
    Thanks for all you work on FreeBSD and good luck!

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