Notepad addons

So today I went looking for a simple notepad-like addon for WoW — something where you could write notes about certain things (reminders, “next time I’m in Gadgetzan do this”, etc.) and save them.

The current state of such addons for WoW is atrocious, bordering on absurd.  In fact, based on my findings, there isn’t a single addon that suffices (most do not work at all).  Here’s a list and their problems:

Jotter K — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; last update was in 2006

Omnibus — doesn’t work with 2.4.3, despite many beta builds being available according to the FishEye ChangeLog on WowAce

nefPad — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; interface also appears to be complete garbage, author admits he “is not happy with the state of this addon”

NoteIt — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; last update was in 2007

NoteIt (resurrected by Zayla) — also doesn’t work with 2.4.3; last update was 2007

NotesUNeed — works with 2.4.3, but is complete and total overkill.  Guaranteed to be bloated as hell, and supports numerous multi-player/sharing capabilities with no way to disable them (from what I can tell; the screenshot on Curse is horrible, impossible to read)

Rashenn’s Notepad — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; last update was in 2007

tekPad — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; tekpad.toc’s Interface version string refers to Wrath of the Lich King.  Editing the version string makes the addon supposedly load, but the /pad and /tekpad do not work (no such command)

TinyPad — doesn’t work with 2.4.3; claims “Incompatible addon”.  Choosing “Load out-of-date addons” doesn’t work

Like I said: the state of something as simple as a note add-on is absolutely atrocious.  TinyPad is quite possibly the best one of the bunch, based on screenshots and user comments, but what good is it unless it’s maintained or at least updated to work with the present-day client?