Foxconn and slave labour

I normally don’t post (or even believe in) things like this, because I’ve always felt boycotting something or someone is often done for the wrong (or extremist) reasons.  But in this case, for me, I feel I’m justified:

Safe to say I will never purchase a Foxconn motherboard.

I won’t tell readers to follow my footsteps, because I recommend everyone think for themselves.  But buying motherboards is something I do often; I purchase what suits my needs, tastes, and what meets my pre-requisites.  Foxconn products never have, so this is more or less icing on the cake.

I’m well aware there are worse examples of slave labour throughout Asia, but I have to be somewhat realistic and make my choices based upon what I feel is right for me.  For example, would I buy a Nike shoe?  Yes, assuming it felt more comfortable on my foot than other shoes I’d tried, and if (for the price) the shoe was well-made (I’m a guy — I hate buying shoes.  One pair should last me 5 years! ;) ).  But do I go into a shoe store or into Amazon’s footwear section and specifically purchase Nike shoes?  Absolutely not — like motherboards, I’ll purchase whatever meets my needs.  Would I buy a mink coat?  No, because mink feels fucking weird to me, and such things are horrendously overpriced.  Do I eat meat?  Hell yes, because it tastes good (I like tofu too, for what it’s worth).  You get the idea.

P.S. – I don’t own an iPod, and I likely never will — but not because of the above.