Supermicro PDSMi+ BIOS bugs — finale

A few weeks ago, I received a final statement from Supermicro regarding the bugs I had reported: both are indeed bugs.  Here’s the official word:

We’ve already had a fix for your Kingston flash drive, a Beta version BIOS is attached for floppy BIOS flash disk.  …

For the Sandisk flash drive, our BIOS engineers find the data code which might be embedded in the firmware is kind of old. We may fix it in the future, but we don’t have a date for now.

The Sandisk flash drive we bought two months ago has no problem. So we recommend to contact the Sandisk to replace a new one or you can buy a new one.

I consider this reasonable/acceptable support, so thumbs up/kudos to Supermicro for taking my claims seriously.  I haven’t had a chance to test the beta BIOS I was given.  And no, I will not provide it here, simply because the vendor should take the responsibility of releasing a new BIOS themselves (plus I don’t want to upset Supermicro).

Here are the exact model numbers of both the Kingston and SanDisk drives, so that anyone who comes across this post of mine will (hopefully) be in better shape afterwards:

  • Kingston DataTraveler 100, 4GB — no external serial or model number
  • SanDisk Micro Cruzer w/ U3, 2GB — model SDCZ6-2048RB

In the case of the 2GB SanDisk Micro Cruzer, Supermicro recommends users contact SanDisk for a replacement.

I’ve purchased an 8GB SanDisk Micro Cruzer (model SDCZ6-8192RB), which has absolutely no problems booting on a PDSMi+ using BIOS v1.3.  So Supermicro’s claim is accurate: SanDisk has some products which contain buggy firmware/boot code.