What a morning!

Wow, this is the first time in months I’ve had such an eventful past 24 hours.

Painting pewter miniatures with Thom was pretty cool, as was entertaining his daughter for a few hours until it was her nap time.  Then came a margarita that really kicked my ass, and it was time for bed… followed by really weird dreams, and being awoken every 10-15 minutes.

Morning came, and most of it consisted of arguing with the author of VHScrCap over bugs in his (or someone’s — still not completely sure yet) software, while simultaneously talking to some Russian FreeBSD users, explaining how I knew what an izbushka was and what “prikin” actually means.

But the apex of the adventure was about 30 minutes ago…

I was on my way to get some Chinese food when I heard someone yelling for help.  I found an older heavy-set woman who spoke broken English, stating something about “a broken vein” in her leg.  After seeing how much blood she had lost (on rags and on her doormat), I realised an artery of some kind had probably broken or been cut.  She had a small bandage in her house, which I proceeded to get and apply, but it barely held.  I asked if she had called 9-1-1, and she seemed dazed but said no.  I didn’t know if she really had, so I called it in anyways.

Thankfully I had a very old jacket on, so I used one of the arms as a makeshift bandage, but it didn’t work very well, so I applied heavy pressure with my hands until the local fire department came and was able to help.  They thanked me and provided a couple cleansing towelettes, which didn’t really help since I had blood all up and down my arms.  I remembered thinking “God, I hope she doesn’t have HIV…”

I went and got my Chinese food, inducing quite a few odd looks from customers and the store owners (“Are you okay?”  “Yeah, this isn’t my blood”  “…um, okay…”) before I biked back home.  I again saw the woman being assisted to by the fire dept., as well as a police officer.

Here’s to hoping positive karma for helping someone pays off.