VHScrCap bugs — part 5

After much chaos (see my previous blog entries about this subject), I’ve recorded a 15 minute video showing the “cropping bug” in VHScrCap It also includes a new bug, where VHScrCap suddenly stops working altogether (until I switch video sources, where it suddenly comes back to life); this bug could actually be with Flash, but I’ve never seen this happen with SCFH DSF or my webcam.

The fact that the “cropping bug” doesn’t happen until you’ve run/used VHScrCap the first time is a bit disconcerting. Near the end of the video, I also show that deleting the VHScrCap registry keys restores proper functionality (no more “cropping bug”).

The entire thing was recorded using VirtualDub (video and audio). Thankfully VirtualDub has screen and audio capture support, making recording this video incredibly easy. The quality is quite high, and very crisp; you should be able to see everything. And yes, my voice is fairly annoying, sorry. :-)

The video codec used is FM Screen Capture Codec (~100KBytes). I would have gone with Vladimir’s own VH Screen Codec, but it’s a DirectShow filter, and VirtualDub doesn’t work with those. The audio is MPEG Layer-3 (MP3), which should work for everyone. One bad thing about the video codec, however: it has no true keyframe support, so fast forwarding and rewinding doesn’t work. :-(

The video is available here (47MBytes):

I don’t know what else I can say about this problem. The video speaks for itself.