Supermicro PDSMi+ BIOS bugs — part 2

After a bit of arguing with Supermicro, who was supposedly unable to reproduce the problem on many different brands of USB flash drives, I eventually gave in and mailed them both my SanDisk and my Kingston drives.

I received a mail late this week stating the following:

I’ve just received your two USB flash drives in the morning and we do see the issues you claimed.

I am seeing the only difference between yours and mine is the some code at the back of the flash drive (maybe a date code).

We’ll try to figure out the reason and keep you posted.

The “some code at the back of the flash drive” I have to assume is a model number or production date physically printed on the flash drive casing, and not “code” as in binary data at the end of the flash segment on the drive itself.

I really hope Supermicro figures this out, and just as important, I hope they start taking my bug reports a little more seriously in the future.