Keyboard repeat rate and MSTSC/Remote Desktop

I’ve managed to find an interesting “flaw” of some kind with MSTSC and Windows, specifically in regards to keyboard repeat rate.

At work, I have my Keyboard repeat rate set via the Keyboard control panel as “Fast” (30-31 characters per second). This corresponds with the registry entry HKCU\Control Panel\Keyboard\KeyboardSpeed. At home, I have the same value set. I like a keyboard that has a very short delay (250ms is perfect), and a fast repeat rate.

I’ve noticed that at work, the repeat rate is slightly faster than at home (the delays are identical).  A friend of mine wrote a simple Win32 program which timed characters per second on a keyboard, and sure enough, my home machine outputs 20-21 characters per second.  Both my home and work workstations run Windows XP SP2.

Here’s the kicker — If I use Remote Desktop to connect from my work machine to my home machine, the keyboard repeat rate is that of my work workstation — makes sense, since I’m remotely connected. But after I’ve disconnected/logged out, the repeat rate of the remote workstation is retained on my machine at home. Well, that is until I reboot it. :-)

The bug itself is bizarre, but (for me) it’s actually useful. I like having a higher repeat rate. The repeat rate of my workstation at work is perfect.

So my question is: how exactly do I figure out what Remote Desktop is doing to set the keyboard rate, so that after a reboot I can restore that same rate?

Additionally, there’s a third-party program called Keyboard King which lets you adjust all of this stuff, but I’ve read a few forum posts saying that it can make a mess of certain keyboard input characters, and I’d rather not have some program sitting around in the systray running actively when, based on the above experience, I know there’s something internal to Windows which can allow me to have a higher repeat rate w/out third-party software.